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What We Spend & How We Spend It

Our annual turnover is currently £14.3 million for management and delivery of services. We will also be managing a further £9.1 million of budgets on behalf of Colchester Borough Council in 2019/20.

We continuously look for more effective ways of delivering services which reduce our costs and provide good quality for residents. For more details on what we spend and how we spend it please see our annual report and company accounts.

Company Accounts

We are a company limited by guarantee and solely owned by Colchester Borough Council. Our accounts and reports are audited and submitted annually to Companies House.

Our latest audited financial accounts and statements are available to view here.

Previous years’ information can be made available on request.

Spending over £500

We believe it is important to show what we spend customers’ money on. We are working in line with the requirements for further transparency from the government.These requirements are not mandatory for us but in the interests of transparency and good practice we publish items of expenditure over £500. Please note that some figures under £500 will appear on the list – this occurs when one payment over £500 has been made to a supplier which covers several smaller invoices, or where one invoice has been split into several different categories.

Whilst all transactions will be published, certain pieces of personal information will be replaced with general headings to comply with the Data Protection Act.

Please click the link for the 2018/19 Spending over £500 report.