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Sheltered Housing and Extra Care

Find out more about our sheltered housing schemes

Sheltered housing offers independence, security and peace of mind for those who are aged over 60, or over 55 in some circumstances. Our sheltered housing accommodation includes a range of individual easily managed self-contained properties.

All our properties come with a 24 hour monitoring and response service provided by Helpline which complements our team of visiting officers who visit each scheme daily during office hours, Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.

For those who need care and support our Extra care scheme, The Cannons, offers a range of properties with on-site care.

To apply for sheltered or extra care housing, an online housing application has to be completed at Gateway to Homechoice .

If you are already a Council tenant and are considering downsizing to a smaller property, you could be eligible for a financial payment, to find out about this scheme see our Transfer Incentive Scheme which gives details about the full financial incentives available.

Colchester Borough Homes Independent living with support: The Cannons

Extra Care Housing offers independent living with personalised support when you need it and consists of a range of self-contained, unfurnished properties, allowing to add your own style, with walk in showers and kitchenettes. Located in beautiful grounds with a range of communal facilities and activities on site, should tenants wish to take part.

This type of accommodation offers the same security and peace of mind as sheltered housing with the additional benefit of extra care and support being available from an onsite care team.

There is a communal dining area where a daily meal if offered by external caterers 7 days a week. All applicants for extra care must have an active Gateway to Homechoice application and have had a social care assessment to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria for The Cannons.

The onsite care team and caterers are two external companies based at The Cannons. Payment for these services are made directly to the suppliers and are at an additional charge to the rent.

Search our map for individual schemes or see the full list below:

Britannia Court

Located in the village of Wivenhoe, this scheme is made up of a variety of studio, 1 and 2 bedroom flats. 

Enoch House

33 one-bedroom and 3 two-bedroom self-contained modern spacious apartments.

Harrison Court

15 one-bedroom, 7 studio and 1 three-bedroom self-contained modern apartments.

John Lampon Court

29 one and 1 two bedroom apartments and 2 independent two bedroom bungalows.

Plum Hall & Nancy Smith Close

A range of one and two-bedroom apartments and bungalows.

Winstree Court

14 one-bedroom and 1 two-bedroom unfurnished apartments located in a two storey building.

Charles Smith House

15 one-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom self-contained modern apartments.

Fairfield Gardens

10 one-bedroom, 5 two-bedroom self-contained modern apartments and 1 two-bedroom bungalow.

Heathfields House

3 one-bedroom, 1 two bedroom, 23 studio apartments and 6 one bedroom bungalows.

Mary Frank House

35 one and 1 two-bedroom apartments in a modern two storey building.

Stuart Pawsey Court

4 one and 6 two-bedroom apartments and 4 one and 2 two-bedroom bungalows.

Worsnop House

28 one-bedroom and 3 two-bedroom self-contained modern apartments.

Cherry Trees

24 one-bedroom, 10 two-bedroom apartments and 3 two-bedroom bungalows.

Grymes Dyke Court

20 one-bedroom and 14 two-bedroom self-contained modern apartments.

Ivor Brown Court

7 one and 4 two-bedroom bungalows, 7 one and 10 two-bedroom apartments.

Oatfield Close

13 two and 21 one-bedroom bungalows and 10 one-bedroom apartments.

Walnut Tree House

15 one-bedroom and 4 two-bedroom self-contained modern apartments.

Extra Care

Extra Care Housing offers independent living with personalised support when you need it.