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Calling all Colchester Private Landlords!

Do you have a private property to rent in Colchester?

Do you have a private property to rent in Colchester?

Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) has two unique offers for renting property to the council, which helps take the hassle out of private lettings for you as a landlord.

The two schemes that we operate are as follows:


We use this scheme to assist clients who have approached us for help securing them accommodation in the private rented sector.

We will pay:

  • One month’s rent in advance paid to you as a landlord direct or your chosen letting agent.
  • Five weeks damage deposit
  • A choice between the following two incentives:
    • A goodwill payment worth up to £750 and if renewed after the first year for a further 12 months, we will make an additional goodwill payment worth up to £375*.
    • Landlord Rent & Legal Insurance and/or Tenants Liability Insurance paid by Colchester Borough Homes for the first 2 years*.

* Terms & Conditions apply, please contact one of our accommodation officers on 01206 580291 for more information

We also offer a rent and deposit guarantee bond, this is an alternative to the traditional cash deposit and cannot be used in conjunction with either of the incentives mentioned above.

In return, we ask that you provide one of our clients a 12-month assured shorthold tenancy at the property.

In some cases, we may ask that you have an inspection carried out by our Private Sector Housing Department to ensure your property complies with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

This scheme is aimed at all landlords, whether you have houses, bungalows or flats to rent in Colchester or surrounding areas, are comfortable managing your own properties or who have an appointed letting agent managing your portfolio for you. Or if you’re are a small portfolio landlord or have numerous properties available to rent out. We want to hear from you!

Our Accommodation Team is happy to provide you with support and advice, free of charge. We will also be available to provide support to you and your tenant when the need arises throughout the tenancy.

We have a large number of families looking for private rented accommodation in Colchester and the surrounding areas. If you sign up for the scheme, we should be able to refer many potential tenants to you, enabling you to have greater choice over who you offer the tenancy to and reducing your property void periods.

If you are a landlord and have a property that we could find tenants for, please complete this form and we will be in touch.

To get more information on the HOMESTEP scheme, click here or contact one of our accommodation officers on 01206 580291.

Private Sector Leasing Scheme Information for Landlords

Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) manages the housing stock on behalf of Colchester City Council (CCC) and the Council is seeking to expand its portfolio of good quality Temporary Accommodation of 2, 3 and 4 bed properties by leasing more properties through the Private Sector Leasing scheme, (PSL).

The PSL Scheme provides property owners with a low-risk opportunity to let their property.

The owner benefits from having the property managed and a 100% rent guarantee.

The property will be returned at the end of the Lease in the same condition less fair wear and tear.



PSL Scheme Summary


The PSL Scheme works as follows:


The Council will lease your property from you for a period of 3-5 years.

CCC will guarantee that your rent is paid in full for the duration of the lease – rent is paid monthly in advance.

CCC takes possession of your property and uses it as temporary accommodation by sub-letting the propery.

CCC takes full responsibility for managing any sub-tenancies it creates.

As the owner of the property, you will still have responsibility for some matters of disrepair as explained in the Lease. You will also be responsible for the Gas Safety Certificate, EICR, EPC and Carbon Monoxide Monitors.

You continue to receive guaranteed rental payments for the duration of the lease, Whether or not the property is occupied.



The Application Process


If you have a property that you think might be suitable for the PSL Scheme then the first step is to complete the Application Form included in this pack and send it to,  You are also able to phone 01206 580291 and speak to a member of the Accommodation Team if you have any queries relating to the scheme.

The Accommodation Team will check the application and let you know if any further information is required.

We will arrange an inspection of the property to ensure it meets our minimum standards as detailed in this pack.


The Council is under no obligation to accept any property offered and reserves the right to reject any property offered to us.

Once all of the necessary documents are received and we are satisfied that:

a)     The property meets our minimum stands


b)     You satisfy the ‘Fit and Proper Person’ test

a draft copy of the Lease will be sent to you for your consideration.

If you are happy with the terms of the Lease we will then agree a commencement date and complete an Inventory so that CCC can take over possession of the property.


 PSL Scheme Criteria for Landlords


Both CCC and CBH are keen to ensure any landlord accepted onto the PSL Scheme fulfils the ‘Fit and Proper Person’ requirements.

The Application Form includes questions relating to the ‘Fit and Property Person’ test which has been based on the one contained in the Housing Act 2004.

We will also share your details with CCC’s Private Sector Housing Team who will notify us if they have any information which may impact on the Fit and Proper Person test.

If you have any concerns in relation to the test please discuss them with the Accommodation Team.

The Council reserves the right to review the ‘Fit and Proper’ person status of any person or organisation accepted onto the PSL Scheme at any time and if a person or organisation is not a ‘Fit and Proper’ person, they will no longer satisfy the requirements of the PSL Scheme and the Council is likely to bring the Leasehold Agreement to an end.


 PSL Scheme Property Standards


We will only accept properties onto the PSL Scheme which meet our minimum standards.

The Asset Management Team will inspect your property to ensure it fulfils our criteria.

If the property inspection report highlights any required works, then these must be completed before we accept the property onto the PSL Scheme

You will need to provide the Gas Certificate, EICR, EPC and Carbon Monoxide Monitors along with an Asbestos Report.

Following the approval of the property for the PSL Scheme the Accommodation Team will be able to negotiate a rental value with you for the duration of the Lease.




Q: What sort of properties do the Council Need:

A: 2,3 and 4 Bedroom properties in the City of Colchester.

Q: What happens if the tenant does not pay their rent to the Council:

A: This will have no effect on the rent you receive – the Council is your tenant and they provide 100% guarantee that your rent will be paid in full every month in advance.

Q: Who manages the property:

A: The Accommodation Team manage the property throughout the duration of the Lease.



Q: How much rent am I likely to receive:

A: Once the property has passed the inspection the rent will be agreed.  Whilst this will be less than if you rented your property in the private sector, your rent is guaranteed.  You will not have any management fees to pay for the management of your property.

Q: Who is responsible for repairs:

A: The Lease will detail the repairs that you as the landlord will remain liable for and are exactly the same as would be the case if you let the property privately.

Any repairs that are not your responsibility will be attended to by CBH.

For more information including criteria, how to apply and FAQs, contact the Accommodation Team on or by phone on 01206 580291.