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Assisted Gardening Scheme

Colchester Borough Homes offers an Assisted Gardening Scheme to help tenants who are struggling to maintain their garden.

How the scheme works

You need to be:

  • In receipt of state retirement pension.
  • Disabled and in receipt of DLA or PIP and no other adult living permanently in the household who can maintain the garden.

The scheme is a basic maintenance service. You can apply to have grass and hedges maintained, however this is limited to:

  • Grass strimmed up to 9 times a year. Any cuttings are left but pathways will be swept prior to contractor leaving the site.
  • Boundary hedges cut twice a year. Hedge clippings will be removed, please note this usually takes place in June/July and October.

The basic service does not include additional works like border maintenance, shrub maintenance or pruning roses.

Prior to joining the scheme in certain circumstances, a garden clearance may take place where hedges are cut to a maintainable height, vegetation is removed and grass cut so that it can be maintained on the Assisted Gardening Scheme..

Any gardens being added to the scheme must be free from animal and household waste to ensure that our contractors can work in a safe environment.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the service is £1.74 per week and is added to your rent account.

Want to downsize?

If you are finding your garden difficult to manage and are thinking about downsizing please take a look at the incentives available to downsize.

Considering sheltered housing?

We have a range of sheltered housing schemes with communal gardens or some flats and bungalows with smaller gardens. Take a look at our sheltered housing schemes.

How to apply

Please contact our Customer Services Team on 01206 282514.