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Grounds Maintenance

This is information about the standard and frequency that you can expect of the communal grounds maintenance service. It tells you how to comment about the service and how the service will be monitored. These standards are based on our aim to provide all customers with the best possible service at the most reasonable cost.

What areas are included in the service?

  • Communal gardens
  • Communal drying areas
  • Communal car parks

What level of service can I expect to receive?

  • Grassed areas will be mown every 2-3 weeks between March and November.
  • Grass cuttings are not collected but any grass cuttings on paths will be swept back onto the lawn.
  • Before cutting the grass, any litter on the lawn will be removed.
Shrub borders
  • Shrub borders will be maintained 8 times between March and October and once between November and February.
  • On each visit, all litter and weeds will be removed.
Shrubs will be pruned according to type, as follows:
  • Early Summer flowering shrubs will be pruned after flowering has finished (April to June)
  • Later Summer flowering shrubs and those planted for their Winter colour will be pruned in February and March
  • Evergreen shrubs may be pruned at any time of year
  • Shrubs may also be pruned if they obstruct windows or paths.
  • Hedges will be cut twice between June and November.
  • No hedge cutting will take place between February and May because of bird nesting.
  • Trees are inspected twice a year and any dead or diseased trees are reported to ‘Colchester Borough Councils’ Tree Officer. If you spot any trees fitting this description, please call the Parks and Recreation Team on 01206 282904.
  • During each inspection, any branches that block paths or are a hazard to pedestrians will be reported and removed by a tree specialist.
  • Young staked trees will be regularly inspected to ensure good health. Trees will be pruned, staked or tied where considered necessary.
Paths, drying areas and car parks
  • Where necessary these areas will be swept and cleared of litter.
  • Weeds will be sprayed three times during the Summer.
  • Moss/lichen will be treated when identified as a problem.
  • Leaves are swept, raked and removed once a year between October and December (or more frequently where they become a hazard to pedestrians).
How will the contract be monitored?

Community Housing Officers and Estate Officers will inspect the grounds on a regular basis. In addition to this, the residents from many of the blocks have offered voluntary help to monitor the standard of grounds maintenance. These residents are called Quality Assurance Advisors. If you are interested in becoming a Quality Assurance Advisor, please telephone 01206 282514.

Zone Wardens

If you are looking to see who your Zone Warden is, please click on the link below

Community Zone Teams

Comments/compliments/complaints and suggestions

You can find out how to complain or make a suggestion here: Complaints and compliments

For advice on CBH gardens or trees, please contact the Parks and Recreation Team on 01206 282904.