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Information for Solicitors

Solicitor and conveyance standard information pack

Please find detailed below information regarding the Colchester City Council lease.

Please note that this information does not relate to any individual property and applies to all of our leases. Should you require any further information relating to a particular lease, such as any breaches of the lease, annual service charges amount, service charges remaining, repairs and painting due to be carried out, the fee is £162.06 including VAT (2023/24). An additional 5 questions can be made for £78.78 (2023/24).

Please contact for how to pay.

Landlord & Contact Details

  • The landlord is Colchester City Council
  • All housing stock is managed by Colchester Borough Homes Limited, Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester, CO3 3WG
  • Telephone number: 01206 282514

Service Charges

  • The financial year runs from 1st April to the 31st March.
  • Ground Rent is £10.00pa for the majority of our properties. Please contact us for the total amount of service charges for the year.
  • We do not anticipate more than a 3% increase in service charges.

Transfer of lease

  • Please note that we require payments up until the end of the financial year in order to consent to the lease being transferred. Please contact us for the total amount due.
  • The new leaseholder will be able to pay monthly by Direct Debit from April. Please apportion the amounts due between your clients and send to us via BACS together with the Notices.
  • Colchester Borough Homes will not consent to the lease until payment is made until the end of the financial year.


  • The Notice of Transfer is £78.78 (2023/24) inclusive of VAT.
  • Please contact for how to pay.
  • Please note that Colchester City Council lease states that once the property has been transferred the Notice of Transfer and Notice of Mortgage must be sent to us within one calendar month.
  • We also require the balance for the remaining financial year at this time. Please contact us for the amount due.
  • There is no additional charge for registering the Notice of Mortgage at this time.

Building Insurance

  • Colchester City Council has purchased an all block policy for flats.
  • There is no sum insured per property.
  • This is an annual charge of £58.60 (2023/24), which is invoiced with the Service Charges. We also make a note of the mortgagee’s interest.
  • We automatically provide cover when the lease is transferred.


Our freehold is unregistered; therefore we do not hold office copies.


The Colchester City Council lease is for 125 years.


We send a Certificate of Actual Expenditure Statement in October for information which will be then credited or debited the following financial year.

External Painting

External painting is carried out every 7 years under the terms of the lease.

Major works (Common hold & leasehold reform act 2002)

If any major works are planned and the work exceeds £250.00 a full written consultation known as a Section 20 will take place with all leaseholders affected by the works.

Renting the property (subletting)

Should the Leaseholder wish to rent out the property, please click here for more information. There is no fee for this.

Sinking fund 

There is no sinking fund.