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Some repairs are the tenant’s responsibility, others are the landlord’s. If you are unsure if the repair you need carried out is our responsibility or yours, check our Repairs Handbook (The Repairs Handbook only covers repairs for CBH Tenants; if you are a Leaseholder, please see the Leaseholder’s Handbook for information on Repairs and Maintenance to your home), which explains what we will repair and contains information about the repairs policy. If advice in the handbook differs from what you are advised by Colchester Borough Homes, then our advice should apply. Contact us for guidance if you are in any doubt.

Anglian Water is responsible for all drainage pipes you share with your neighbours. If you think your drains are blocked Anglian Water will come and investigate this, please contact them via

Repair timescales:
Emergency Repairs - we aim to deal with emergency repairs within 24 hours

We carry out emergency repairs when there could be a risk to someone’s life or serious damage to your home. Examples of emergency repairs include:

• Total loss of water • Burst water main • Flooding • Severe storm damage • Major fault with the electrical supply • Unsafe electrical fittings • Breaches of security to outside doors and windows • Gas leak • Blocked flue • Blocked mains drains, soil pipe or sole WC • Faulty smoke alarm • Defective communal stair tread • Failure of lift • Failure of warden/alarm call system • Collapsed brick wall • Blocked drains

Urgent repairs - we aim to deal with urgent repairs within 5 working days

We will make an appointment with you for these repairs. Urgent repairs are repairs that need to be carried out fairly quickly to stop a problem getting worse or to stop the problem affecting other people. Examples of urgent repairs include:

• Minor plumbing leaks or defects • Blocked drains, sinks, basins, bath or toilet • Minor electrical faults • Roof leaks • Failure of entry phone • Damage to stair treads, hand rails or banisters.

Routine repairs by appointment – which we aim to attend to within 20 working days (some repairs may require an additional visit)

We will make an appointment with you for routine repairs. Work that we do not consider to be a danger to people’s health may be carried out as part of routine maintenance. Examples of routine repairs include:

• Repairs to doors, floors and windows • General joinery repairs • Plaster work • Minor plumbing repairs • Easing doors and windows • Blocked gutters • Repairs to gutters and downpipes • Repairs to tiling • Repairs to kitchen fittings • Defective flooring

If you need to report a repair please use one of the following methods:

View your repairs

We apologise that this service is not currently available. We are developing a new online system and will update this link once it’s in place.

Gas-Servicing and Repairs

Mears has been providing our gas servicing and repairs since October 2010. Mears is dedicated to providing an excellent quality service for residents and operate from their offices in Dedham. On-site services are also available to ensure residents are fully informed about any planned work. Appointments are available between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings between 8am and 1pm. 

Before calling, there are a number of things you can check yourself, that might save you having to wait for an engineer to call. See our Central Heating Trouble Shooting Advice for things to try before calling an engineer.

How to get in touch

You should contact CBH Customer Services on 01206 282514, selecting Gas option for any gas servicing or central heating queries. You will be given an option to be put through to Mears. If you need an emergency repair and it is outside office hours, you should still contact this number. You will be given an option to be put through to our emergency out-of-hours centre.

How to recognise Mears staff

MEARS Group logoMears’ distinctive logo will be a familiar sight to residents and it will be clearly visible on vans, uniforms, letters, calling cards and ID badges. All Mears staff will be wearing a uniform of a red polo shirt or sweatshirt and black trousers, all with the Mears logo clearly visible. Every Mears employee entering a resident’s home will also be wearing a Mears ID badge containing the following information:

  • Card ID number 
  • The name of the person
  • A photo of the person
  • Start date and expiry date
  • Confirmation that the person with the ID badge has been approved by Mears and is eligible to work in your home
  • A phone number to call if you have concerns 

You should never let anyone into your home if they do not have a valid Mears ID badge. If you are in any doubt you should call the number on the reverse of the badge to ensure the caller is a Mears employee.