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Planned Maintenance

The asset management team carry out a stock condition survey in all our properties every 5 years; this information is then inputted into a database which tells us when an element (i.e. kitchen, bathroom etc) is due for replacement. The planned maintenance programme is created annually and property lists are given to the relevant contractors every January which allows them time to establish work programmes ready to commence in the April.


What assistance can you offer if my home needs an electrical rewire? 

If we need to carry out an electrical rewire at your home, our contractor or our Resident Liaison Officers will visit you to discuss the work. We can offer assistance in helping you to prepare for the work. We can also provide you with a decorating voucher once the works are complete, depending on how the contractor rewires your home.


There will be a scheduled programme of refurbishment but the contract is currently out to tender.


The roofing programme includes the major repair and replacement of pitch and flat roofed properties and blocks. The programme is currently being procured and a new contractor is expected to be in place by June 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the work include?

This will depend on the type of work being done. Our contractor or Resident Liaison Officers will be able to speak to you about everything that will be included in the work for your home. However, if you need more information, please contact Customer Services on 01206 282514.

Will there be options for what the work includes?

During the visit to your home, our contractor or Resident Liaison Officers will discuss our current range of available designs and colour options and may show you examples to help you make a decision.

Can I choose not to have the work done?

As your landlord, we have an obligation to make sure your home is safe and well looked after. Structural, electrical and gas safety work is compulsory. It may be possible to decline other work and you would need to inform our Resident Liaison Officers as soon as possible. There is no guarantee we will be able to return to complete the work in the future if you change your mind.

Can I just have some of the work done?

Only the full work detailed will be done as part of the improvement programme your home is included in. We will not complete partial work upon request.