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Transfer Incentive Scheme

We operate a Transfer Incentive Scheme to encourage people to move from family sized homes to smaller ones and free up larger homes for those who need them. If you are eligible you could get a payment of up to £2750.

You may be interested in the scheme if:

  • your current home has more bedrooms than people living in it.
  • you want to cut your heating cost.
  • you need help or support to maintain your home or garden.

How the scheme works

There is a fixed payment of £1000 to help with moving costs. You also get £1000 if you are downsizing by one bedroom for example moving from a 3 bedroom home into a 2 bedroom home, or £1750 if you are downsizing by more than one bedroom.

This scheme is only available to Colchester Borough Council tenants that move into another property within the Gateway to Homechoice sub-regional area. Some exclusions do apply so please check the attached policy for full details.

Your application for a new home also gets a high priority under the scheme.

For full information, including exclusions and how to apply, please read this leaflet and the Transfer Incentive Scheme Policy.

Housing association tenants

If you apply and you are a housing association tenant, your application for a smaller property is given a high priority, but you would not get the cash payment that a council tenant would.

How to apply

You need to complete a housing application form at the Gateway to Homechoice website.