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Resident Voice

Would you like to share your thoughts and views on how we’re doing? Why not join the Resident Voice!
Resident Voice - we need your views

Residents Voice Meetings

Tuesday 7 February 2023 – 16:00 – 17:30
Tuesday 11 April 2023 – 17:00 – 18:30
Tuesday 20th June 2023 – 16:00 – 18:00
Tuesday 15 August 2023 – 18:00 – 20:00
Tuesday 17 October 2023 -16:00 – 17:30
Tuesday 19 December 2023 -17:00 – 18:30

Would you like to share your thoughts and views on how we’re doing? Why not join the Resident Voice! Open to all tenants and leaseholders, the panel works together to make positive changes in the way we operate. By holding regular and informal discussions, these involved tenants and leaseholders have lead the way for positive changes in Colchester Borough Homes and the service provided.

To register an interest in joining the panel, please complete the online form or contact Resident Engagement at


Flexibility of Resident Voice 

There are six meetings each year and tenants and leaseholders are invited to attend each meeting. The meeting dates, topics and a summary of outcomes will be available on the website. We welcome open discussion on the chosen topic – although we kindly ask that any other, individual issues are  discussed with a member of staff at the end of the meeting.

Who can join the Resident Voice?

Any tenant or leaseholder can join! The group doesn’t have a set size but will include at least three Board Members and at least three tenants or leaseholders. We want as many people as possible to be involved as this helps us understand what tenants and leaseholders really think.


Board Members on the panel will attend every meeting but tenants and leaseholders who are Resident Voice members may attend as many, or as few, meetings as they would like. The only requirement we have is Resident Voice members must let us know if they will be attending upcoming meetings.

Although the Resident Voice plans to meet six times each year, extra meetings can be called by the Chair of the Resident Voice if they think this is necessary. The Chair and the Board Assurance Officer will ensure that all Resident Voice members are told of extra meetings at the earliest possible point.

Chair of the Resident Voice

The Chair of the Resident Voice will be chosen by the Board of Colchester Borough Homes.

Support for the Resident Voice’s work

All officers at CBH will support the Resident Voice’s work when required and members of the Directors’ Management Team will attend meetings to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The Chair of the Board will work with the Chair of the Resident Voice to make sure it’s effective at representing residents’ views and improving our services.

Open to all tenants and leaseholders to attend and have their say

Although CBH tenants and leaseholders are encouraged to attend full Board meetings and voice their views, we understand that some people may be nervous at the idea of sharing their views.

The Resident Voice is an informal setting where you’ll be made to feel welcome and can choose to share your views. They will then take these to the full board on your behalf for consideration.